A set of custom E-commerce Tools for Hotels

Products, Gift cards, Meeting & Event reservations

Our E-commerce Tools


A product is just a name, description and price. Sell anything you want!

Gift cards

Sell various types of gift cards directly on your own Hotel website.


Receive event registrations with support for multiple participants.


Manage online meeting bookings. Your B2B partners will rejoice!


Sell tickets to nightclubs or other social events.


Let hotel guests book activities outside your hotel.

Let your Hotel website become an E-commerce platform

We know you feel frustrated that you can't sell all those wonderful things your Hotel has to offer on your own website. Either the website doesn't support the function or your Hotel PMS just isn't up to date.

We extend your website into a fully functioning e-commerce solution without having to change anything. Hotel Commerce just integrates.

All our Tools also integrate with each other

Every time your guest use one of the Hotel Commerce integrated Tools we create an account for that guest. This means that in our system you’ll have a complete history of your guests interactions with your Hotel - it’s like a build-in Hotel CRM.

We track the guest transaction and give you the data to use however you like. Get a complete order-, e-mail sending- or credit card transaction history right inside Hotel Commerce.

Whenever we launch a new Tool it seamlessly integrates into all other Tools. Just like that!

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